Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Surat Kim Hyun Joong untuk Fans

Singer turned actor Kim Hyun Joon recently uploaded an entry on SS501’s official homepage thanking fans. His thank you note is receiving extraordinary reaction from fans. Below is the letter. Enjoy!

Hello… it’s Hyun Joong^^
It seems like it has been a while since I’ve written anything.
First of all, thank you so much for the popularity award (Baeksang Awards).
I apologize for being so belated.

I didn’t know how much the pressure was going to be and how nervous I would be making this transition from singer to actor…
It was so hard, but I think I was able to endure it thanks to our Triple S.

There’s not that much time left - my life as an actor on a drama.
I’m going to do my best until the end and show you guys the best side of me.
Although I’ll go back to being Kim Hyun Joong after the drama ends,
I want to do my best as Yoon Ji Hoo… and as an actor
Although Young Saeng is SS501’s leader right now, I’ll retake leadership of ss501 and start a new beginning.

Our album’s single is going to be [the shit] so p
lease anticipate it - hahahaha
I want to see you…. the other members… you guys
Please anticipate our fan meeting and comeback showcase in July
I’ll really show you what you’ve been waiting for or not……. hahaha
It’s okay if you really really wait for it

For now, keep loving and supporting Boys Over Flowers Love and support Yoon Ji Hoo - hahaha
I told you that I wouldn’t embarass you guys - I’m still far off
Because this is the beginning…. I’m not sure about becoming a world star 501, but don’t you want to try your best to become a galaxy star fan???? hahaha
I’ll do that, so wait - haha
I guess my intro was too long I’ll be back soon, so please love and support Yoon Ji Hoo
I’m gonna come back really cool as your ever-unchanged Kim Hyun Joong
Please support me
If you do, maybe I’ll give out free hot cakes at next year’s big concert…. hahahaha
Anyway, I’m living for you guys hahahaha
Wait for me. Believe in me and I’ll believe in you guys…. ha

Bye ^^ Sleep tight.
Good night.
Sisters, Brothers, Friends - I’ll make all of you happy Bye ^^
To the best fans in the whole world - hahahaha

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Note :

Lee Min Ho meraih penghargaan Artis Pendatang Baru Terbaik di Baeksang Award as Gu Jun Pyo di BBF
Kim Hyun Joong meraih penghargaan Artis Terpopuler (Popularity Award) as Yoon Ji Hoo.
I have to admit I like Ji Hoo role too :)


  1. lee min are the best..
    I love u very much...

  2. Kim Hyun Joong : D
    I hope you come to Indonesia, because I really wanted to meet with you, the photos together, ask for your signature, and much more :)