Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Princess Man - Fun Time

Lovely couple :)

Bing Ok Gwan Family. Cho Hi tanpa make-up wajahnya berbeda hahaha...

Princess, watch out with the scissors...

Lokasi syuting sudah seperti rumah sendiri

Two beautiful lotus flowers in the Buddha pond.

Serius berdiskusi tentang skenario..

but actually, it just Chae Won haha..PSH is just ..enjoy watching her expression :)

Mom looks younger in this picture, doesn't she?

with beloved abeojinim ..
Im woon bisa senyum?

Enjoying some snacks

wanna some?

Kudanya juga ikutan lirik2 kamera

MCW : I have to be connected..have to. As long as I'm connected, I can survive .
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  1. wou, shi-hoo oppa pas pake kacamata, bikin klepek2 deh...

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  3. daebakkk,,
    jama joseon ada laptop ya hahahaha