Sunday, December 27, 2009

Queen Seondeok Behind the Scene 3

Just another behind the scene captures...ok, just release the tension a little bit...these are the scenes from ep 21 to 24

I just found out that Ryu Sang Wook (Dae Nam Bo) is quite cute too...Well, I knew many viewers got mad on him because of Cheon Myeong's death...but he's only did the task from his daddy..

kadorama-recapsHello everybody...I'm Dae Nam Bo

Ryu Sang Wook

kadorama-recapsDirector : Ok, ..nice shot..cue!

kadorama-recapsDae Nam Bo : I feel something itchy behind my back.....

kadorama-recapsBi Dam :! Director... I drop my chicken...somebody do something!

Tirza: it's exhausted I know..but at least they had a good time (good job guys..!)


Deok Man : hey! you've promised to do it in just one take...! now I can't stop laughing
Bi Dam : this is really delicious..want some ?

kadorama-recapsquiet...they're trying to do their scene..

Queen Seondeok behind the scene 2


  1. lee yo won cakep kalo lagi senyum lebar ya

  2. Sayah juga suka Dae Nam Bo. Apalagi yang pas dy ngejemput Chun Cu, terus pake dikerjain ama Chun Cu. Muka betenya imut banged XD

  3. hihihihihihihi...... wajah imut aktor2 korea emang idaman kita ya.... LONG LIVE KOREAN ACTOR!!

  4. wuiihhh
    ryu sang wook ntu klo nggk salah prnah jd model video clip nya Tae Yang kan??