Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Best Couple Video

Just love to collect these pieces..
Thank you to xserenity3 (Youtube)

I just love to watch their reaction towards each other. I love the way KNG let LYW speaks first, such a manner :)

Lee Yo Won`s acceptance speech for Best Couple award:
"It was thanks to meet the good character 'Bidam'. Thank you, big fans of Deokman-bidam couple."

Lee Yo Won : Terima kasih sudah bertemu karakter yang bagus 'Bidam' Terima kasih fans Deokman-bidam couple.

KIM NAM Gil`s acceptance speech for Best Couple award:
"BD fail in love with DM in Drama, It makes my heart hurt. I`m so happy to finally achieve love through this award. (At that time, Lee Yo Won was embarrassed. She's married and has 6-year-old child.) I hope you don't misunderstand me. I mean 'in the play'.

Kim Nam Gil : Bidam gagal dalam percintaannya dengan Deok Man. itu membuat hatiku sakit. Aku sangat senang karena akhirnya aku dapat mendapatkannya melalui penghargaan ini. (Saat itu, Lee yo Won merasa malu. Dia sudah menikah dan memiliki putri berumur 6 th). Ku harap kau tidak salah paham. Aku maksud dalam drama ^_^

The same thing happen in this video of Excellence Award Male, I like the way Go Hyun Jung tapped on KNG's shoulder ha..ha mommy's approval and how KNG lets Choi Chul Ho (Queen of Housewives) speaks first. And is it just me ? I think his eyes were teary a little bit! terharu dia hehe..

Kim Nam Gil acceptance speech :

Kim Nam Gil: First & foremost my appreciation thanks to my family, parents & my siblings. The history behind the character Bi Dam whether it is in existence or not is not certified but many thanks that this character was able to be portray in the drama from the pen of scriptwriter Kim Young Hyun & Park San Yeon. In order to play Bi Dam this role well, during the filming I would said I was rather naive & childish & grateful thanks for the both Directors Park Hong Gyun & Kim Geun Hong who has guide me through my character. The staff filming this drama in chill weather, it was hard for the staff but thank to them in their effort in looking after the audience to have brought out such excellent drama & lastly the people who address me as “father”

Audience screaming

Kim Nam Gil: My fan club…I love you…Thank you very much

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  1. wah...jd pasangan terbaek d MBC Awards...
    tp gag nyangka ya klo ternyata Lee Yo Won udh berkeluarga...he2...
    Kim nam Gil udh juga blom??