Thursday, October 1, 2009

May Kim Hyun Joong be the second of Bae Yong Jun?

I just found a surprising similarity between both men. I mean..just take a look at them (just for fun..)

After Boy’s over Flower finished, after effect for Ji Hoo is much more than Jun Pyo. Also fandom tendency reflect that kinds phenomenon. Also the original author of Boys over flower, YOKO KAMIO praised him for the second Bae Yong Jun. Especially if Hyun Joong can be the second of Bae Yong Jun after BOF televised in Japan just like YOKO’s saying (actually she is enthusiastic fan of Bae Yong Jun), the possibility of the Korean Wave enter upon a new phase is so high.

Well, ya bisa saja, KHJ punya kharisma great actor and entertainer asal dia konsisten.

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